What size is your band?

    We perform as a:

    7 piece (this includes 3 vocalists upfront as well as vocals from our drummer Mike)

    10 piece (adds a 3 piece horn section)

    13 piece (mix of additional horns / percussion / vocalist).

    We can do other configurations upon request. We are happy to talk you through which size makes sense.

    Is PA and a sound person included?

    Yes. Our fee includes a dedicated sound engineer and PA equipment. We don’t cut corners here. Some bands might have a guitar player running out front to mix house sound in between or during songs. Our sound engineer has one job – to make us sound as good as possible.

    What sets you apart from other bands?

    There are lots of reasons our clients keep coming back to us.

    Consistent Lineup – Many other ‘bands’ are really more of a casting call situation where one of the band owners asks a big list of musicians who’s available for ‘the gig’. You often have a bunch of total strangers meeting each other on the bandstand for the very first time when they play your event.

    No ‘A’ band ‘B’ band ‘C’ band – Lots of bands are really just gig factories. You might have 3 or 4 groups with the same name out on the same Saturday playing different events around town. The Mighty Untouchables is ALWAYS a single band of the same people that perform at 100 events a year together. We have to turn down tons of work because we have already booked an event on a day and we refuse to divide the band in half and supplement with filler musicians. It keeps our product and reputation at the very top of the game.

    Musicianship Level / professionalism – Our musicians are very much the A-list of our town, regularly doing gigs with the San Diego Symphony, the heaviest jazz/pop/classical/church musicians around, and all kinds of studio sessions. Feel free to ask around, and explore the band’s bios to see for yourself. Our horn arrangements, flow from song to song, and hours spent behind the scene preparing for your event also set us apart.

    Experience – We’ve been doing this for over 15 years as The Mighty Untouchables, and we’ve all been professional musicians all our lives.

    Will the band on the day have the same musicians as in your videos?

    Yes, though it depends on the age of the video. Our lineup is the same group of friends that has been playing together for many years. Over our 15 year history, we have had a couple people come and go. Most recently, Durell Anthony stepped back from being an everyday member to pursue solo work, and Danielle Tucker left the band at the end of 2023. Check out our latest content on Instagram and Facebook to see our singers in 2024. Donovan Hurst now anchors our lineup along with Chris Chatman and Nicole Kubis or Melody Ebner. We feel it is our strongest product ever. Our rhythm section has been the same for well over a decade and when you hear them play together the chemistry is very clear.

    Can we pick your song list?

    It’s your event! Let us know if there is a certain artist you have an issue with, or whether you want a set to go heavy on a certain genre. Speaking from our vast experience of playing thousands of events, we strongly recommend not trying to fully dictate our setlist – let us do our job of picking the music we know will get the best response and make the crowd go wild.

    Will you learn songs for our wedding / event?

    We will learn a song for your wedding. As you are reading this, we are probably working on a new song for a wedding this weekend. If you need us to learn multiple songs, we can, but there will be an extra charge per song. We are happy to discuss it in detail. We also have a great list of songs that work well for first dance / father / daughter dances in case you need some inspiration.

    Can you play for our ceremony / cocktail hour?

    Absolutely. From solo musicians to quartets we can provide all kinds of ensembles for the ceremony and the cocktail hour. We can also provide sound.

    Can I come see you perform live before I hire you?

    Please do! If there isn’t a public concert anytime soon, we will find a good wedding or corporate event for you to drop in on and you can see the band in action. Once you see our performance you will know you are in great hands.

    Do you travel?

    We do. Most of our work is in San Diego, CA where the band is based, but we work in LA, OC and Palm Springs all the time, and we get on planes a few times a year for events as well. Shoot us an e-mail and we will tell you everything that’s involved in having TMU travel to your city for an event.

    How do I book you?

    Send an E-mail to Mark@themightyuntouchables or give him a call.

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