12 Essentials For Event Producers

Are there bands out there that you love but find it too difficult to hire or get them hired for your events? Is it tricky trying to piece together a proposal for your client that shows the full picture of their performance and capabilities? We get it! With our combined decades of experience and eight years together as a band, we’ve made sure all the important stuff is up-to-date, of the highest quality, organized in one place, and ready to go and win business.


Check out these 12 essentials for event producers (that we rock!!). It’s a complete checklist all the necessities in our arsenal to make your job easier.


  1. ‘Agent Friendly’ promotional materials. We have intentionally omitted our contact information from our cutting-edge custom website, press kit, and promo photo.


Click here to Access our agent-friendly promo site and press kit!


We recognize you as the chief dealmaker between our band and potential clients. It’s more efficient to keep the communication between you and the client while avoiding any unnecessary confusion like having a customer call us directly. In this Google era, it’s possible for anyone to find anyone else in seconds with a simple Internet search. We, however, are committed to qualifying every new call to determine how the potential client discovered us and when we learn that you referred the client to us, we redirect the communications appropriately. With our high quality, updated media you won’t feel hesitant to present us with your proposals. Our package includes a tweet-sized description of our music and band, a slightly longer version (about a paragraph), and then the full-blown biography with a list of all our notable accomplishments. You may want to lift phrases from our bio verbatim occasionally, so having a few bio options makes it easy for you to get the info you need quickly. It also includes a beautiful hi-res photo and a spectacular, first-rate demo video that shows what we sound like (and look like) when we’re performing live. What they see is what they get – guaranteed!

  1. Fast response time. We know time is of the essence when you are trying to win business and keep clients satisfied. Our offices are all remote and on-call 24/7. We try to answer all correspondences within a 24-hour period if not within THE hour! You can reach our general office at mighty1@themightyuntouchables.com, and that email will route to both Mark Fulton and Danielle Tucker. Our teamwork makes the dream work! Individually reach Mark Fulton at mark@themightyuntouchables.com, (619) 813-1356 or Danielle Tucker at danielle@themightyuntouchables.com, (858) 603-3735.


  1. Reasonable, fair market performance rates that work favorably for event budgets. It’s all about the dollars! We have taken great care to set our pricing at the absolute optimum level based on demand, financial research, and reliable market data. We offer consistent pricing across the board to all of our potential clients. Upon request, we will provide you with a complete and comprehensive price list for our local and nation-wide services. There are no hidden or inflated fees – ever!


  1. Payments are quick, easy and flexible. We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards.
  1. General Liability Insurance as most venues and productions require it. We’ve got it covered!


  1. Band size configurations for every type of event, big or small. We offer a deluxe, 10-piece (or larger) ensemble for the ultimate wow factor!

This package is truly the best The Mighty Untouchables has to offer. This large group knocks it out of the park every time! The lineup is a male and female vocalist, guitar, bass, keys, drums, at least 3-piece horn section, and (a 3rd singer, horn player or percussion player), basic stage lighting, PA system, and a pro sound tech. TMU packs a powerful punch with our horn sections in tow. The sky is the limit with the genres covered whether it is pop, funk, or jazz-rock. We bring the house down on any given night, blowing minds with intricate arrangements and keeping the party going with energetic accentuations.

To accommodate budget needs and space restrictions we also offer several other phenomenal ensemble sizes anywhere from 6 to 9 piece bands. We are best known for our 7-piece band that includes our core male and female vocalists, guitar, bass, keys, and drums. This particular configuration is our gold-standard ensemble. We created The Mighty Untouchables at this size and most typically performs in this arrangement.


  1. Dinner, cocktail and ceremony ensembles. For more intimate gatherings, modest budget events, ceremonies and cocktail hours we offer these smaller options a la cart or as a packaged deal with the larger groups listed above.Our jazz trio includes keys, bass, and drums (or djembe). It’s cool, classy, sophisticated and lets your guests experience a unique blend of music as the center stage attraction or as a chill backdrop for your event. Mark Fulton (guitar) and Danielle Tucker (vocals) have crafted an impressively diverse duo performance set to tasty, well-done backing tracks. The pair covers everything from jazz, blues, pop, rock, and even country. With the ability play up to 4 hours of entertainment, their show often begins with a chill/kickback vibe and ramps up to more upbeat, dance music. solo vocals, guitar or piano musicians add a more intimate touch to your event – whether a wedding, corporate event or any size party. We accommodate countless requests for our highly talented players on their own such as keys virtuoso Bobby Cressey. He is THE best in San Diego. This superstar brings a new millennial flare and excitement to the various gigs he performs.


  1. You don’t have to choose between a band and DJ because with The Mighty Untouchables you can have them both! Your client wants the amazing live band experience, but they are also looking for that “club vibe.” We can integrate a DJ as an on-stage member of the group. Maybe your client wants non-stop music the entire night. Our DJ service keeps the party going seamlessly. Perhaps your client intends to incorporate an after-party after the band plays. We’ve got you covered!


  1. One-off song request – we’ll learn it! We have hundreds of songs in our repertoire. We have set lists full of killer songs that work the best and that we do best. Our show is sure to be universally pleasing and get the crowd dancing. Sometimes there’s just that particular song that is a must have – a corporate theme song or maybe a couple’s first dance song. Our top request is for the National Anthem performance by none other than Leonard Tucker. We’ve all heard this musical treasure at opening ceremonies, but you’ve never heard it like this before. Leonard Tucker’s rendition is as breathtaking and powerful as it is unforgettable. Many clients also request the ever popular “America the Beautiful.”



  1. Unique theme shows and setsIn addition to playing the best dance music, The Mighty Untouchables offer a vast array of theme and tribute shows. Combine one of their theme sets with their dance set as well. Our most requested shows – Motown Review, Yacht Rock, Latin Tributo, Country, Tribute to the ‘80s and our Patriotic USO Theme Show.




  1. Awards Programs performing all of the play-on and play-offs for your speakers and special guests – our specialty! The Mighty Untouchables play the part of The Roots, Rickey Minor and The Tonight Show, Saturday Night Live Band – you get it! Your award winners will be played on and off stage ala The Oscars and will feel like the superstars they are.


  1. Our dedicated sound and stage lighting production solution. We arrive fully equipped with top of the line equipment and our professional audio technician saving you time and money. Upon request, we can also supply secondary sound system set-ups for ceremony officiant, speeches, toasts, etc. If you have contracted a full third party production company we are more than happy to work with them and their equipment in place of our own as well.

We hope we’ve thought of everything before you have to. We recognize that these essentials are of the utmost importance to winning event business. More important though is the power that shines through when we take the stage together. There is no other show out there like ours. It’s remarkably different, and we’re proud of the outstanding product we’ve put together. Our clients and fans receive nothing less than musical excellence – heart and soul.

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